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AWS Cost Optimization — Lifecycle rules for s3

The key to cost optimization with AWS S3 is understanding and utilizing the various S3 instance classes based on your use cases. Adding lifecycle policies that automatically move data from the most expensive storage to the cheapest will dramatically reduce your AWS Spending and begin the path to bei..

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Your EBS Perfect Volume

SummaryThe Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) when used with EC2 can power durable, secure, performant applications with unlimited scale. AWS provides six different EBS volumes provisioned with various benchmarks. Before selecting a volume, companies have to assess their needs to make a well-balanced ..

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Using AWS Instance scheduler for Cost Optimization

You can add multiple periods if you have a set of start/stop times. Since there are working components to the solution, there is a cost associated with the solution. You can find the complete breakdown of the cost here. However, given the savings you can generate this solution will pay for itself an..

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