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@infinity__kumar shared a post, 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Package and Deploy Your Application Using Helm Chart

I was given a task in my project to set up a CI-CD pipeline on GCP using helm to package k8s objects and deploy them on the GKE cluster. Having very little exposure to DevOps, I did my hands dirty and learned about helm which I am going to share in this blog. What will I do? I am going to show an end to end creation of spring boot application to deploy it as a helm chart on a minikube cluster.


1. Create an spring boot app

2. Create docker image

3. Creating k8s objects

4. Create helm chart

5. Deploy them to minikube cluster

Although we don’t need to create k8s objects,but it will make sense while learning helm. I am assuming that reader has a basic understanding of docker. If not please read below blog.