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@khadijatbakare shared a post, 1 year ago
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Introduction to Web 3.0

I know, I know. You are sighing again and wondering what all the fuss and hype is about Web 3. Can’t these people just rest? Every 3 market days, web 3 people are always hammering into our ears that web 3 is the future and how we need to get involved. They are always trying to create solutions to problems that aren’t there.

Hold up! Slow your tempo, and go on this journey with me as I explain how important web 3 is and why we should all start adopting it. I promise you’d fall in love with web 3, just like I did.

However, it would be highly inadequate if we don’t talk about the evolution of the web itself. Aye, passenger strap in and fly with me. I will try not to bore you with jargon or too much data.