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New Release RELIANOID Open Source Load Balancer CE v5.20

relianoid community release

We’re glad to announce the release of RELIANOID Community Edition v5.20.0 which is the continuation of (the now discontinued) Zevenet CE v5.13.

This release will stabilize the proxy issues that you’ve been facing while we continue working on the proxyng project that is still in progress. Also, this release applies the changes for the new updates repository, but also fixes an important race condition applying bulk actions against farms.

Relianoid 5.20.0 (Community Edition)

[system] RELIANOID rebranding
[proxy] use stable reverse proxy

[farms] fix race condition during bulk farms action
[farms] fix delete api http farm for old proxy
[system] security advisories fixed

Migrate from ZEVENET to RELIANOID Community Edition:

New Community support forum at:

Finally, stay up-to-date to the upcoming releases at:

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CEO, relianoid

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