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What is DevOps?


DevOps is a methodology that allows you to simplify the interaction between the development and operation of software. Actually, this means the full English name of the methodology - Development & Operations. This approach allows you to significantly simplify and speed up development, and therefore is very popular among all development companies.

DevOps meaning

It makes sense to start to explain DevOps services with a common DevOps definition. First off, it's important to note that this word is an acronym for two words: Dev means development, and Ops meaning is operations. To better comprehend DevOps concepts and the advantageous chances DevOps for enterprises might present, let's elaborate on the term's definition to get DevOps explained fully.

How DevOps works?

The main principle of devops is to support the continuous development process. Using various tools to automate all processes related to development, DevOps engineers ensure the smooth and synchronous work of all specialists on the project.

Goals and Objectives of DevOps

The main goal of this methodology is to reduce the time of creating a software product. And this includes all aspects of time: for development, for testing, for launching the program, for any modifications, system recovery in case of any failures, and so on. After all, it is DevOps that allows you to make the development process coherent, smooth and continuous.

Benefits of DevOps


The peculiarity of pricing in IT development is that you pay not for the product, but for the time of its implementation. Now there is an opportunity to significantly reduce this time, increasing the productivity of each individual member of the development team, as well as ensuring that they work harmoniously with each other without failures and delays.


The main goal of implementing any software products is to provide the company with a second lease of life and opportunities for further growth. And the growth of the company obviously leads to the scaling of software products. More data, more digital tools, more servers - any of these metrics can change and it will require some tweaking to work correctly. Leave it to DevOps and you won't have to worry.


DevOps methodology is a way of organizing processes and infrastructure in such a way as to ensure continuous development. It allows you to shorten the deadlines for certain tasks, and even improves the interaction between specialists of different areas.

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