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CI/CD Unity Projects using GitHub Actions


Build a “smoking hot” CI/CD process to build, test and automatically deploy Unity projects.

The back story:

I’m a long time veteran of web development with over 20 years in media publishing, development and solutions architecture. There’s a pretty deep culture in software development for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Don’t be fooled, the real reason for such things is that programmers are lazy (as they should be) and don’t like to repeat mundane tasks — sure, there’s the real benefits such as productivity gains, test coverage and quick release cycles. We all know the real reason. 😉

I’m new to Unity Development and digging into serious C# software engineering in a pivot to my professional career. I wanted to see if there were any CI/CD pipelines for Unity as there are for Web and other software development…surely there had to be? A quick search on “unity3d ci github actions” pointed me in the direction of This is my journey to automate the deployment of my Space Shooter Pro game so folks can play the web version, since downloading executables from strangers is super sus! (don’t do it…ever)


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Joe Youngquist

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