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10 Excellent Machine Learning (ML) And Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blogs

10 Excellent Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blogs

Machine learning (ML) is an emerging technology that enables organizations to collect and analyze massive amounts of data. Its value is becoming widely acknowledged as it enables businesses to identify hidden insights and improve operations.

1. OpenAI

OpenAI is a non-profit research company founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk, who are both investors in the company. Their goal is to democratize AI by making it accessible to the masses. There are a variety of contributors who share their thoughts on the future of AI.

2. Distill

Distill focuses on making machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) more approachable to readers. Because traditional research can be difficult to digest, Distill presents ML findings in visually attractive, interactive data visualisations. It serves as a neutral platform for numerous authors to collaborate on publications, with peer-reviewed articles appearing in Google Scholar. The Library of Congress and CrossRef have both registered Distill.

3. Machine learning Is Fun

Machine Learning is Fun is an excellent introduction to machine learning. It teaches the fundamentals of machine learning through interactive lessons and real-world examples, making it easier to grasp how they may be applied to various enterprises and industries. Author Adam Geitgey is a former software developer who now advises businesses on machine learning implementation. He feels that machine learning is critical to the future of software development and that developers should be familiar with it.

4. Machine Learning Mastery

Jason’s Machine Learning Mastery blog is aimed at new machine learning engineers who are just getting started in the area. He has many AI-related degrees. He was previously an inexperienced developer who now wants to help others by sharing the lessons he’s learned along the way and the tools that have been most helpful to him. His site, as well as his email course and newsletter, cater to people of all skill levels.

5. The Bair Blog

This blog was created by UC Berkeley’s artificial intelligence research department to provide research findings and essential information about their AI-related activities. Grad students and faculty submit content on a wide range of topics, from natural language processing to robotics, for both professionals and the general public to consume.

6. Fast ML

FastML covers important machine learning subjects in fun, easy-to-digest pieces. It is a go-to ML platform run by economist Zygmunt Zajc, and it tackles subjects like overfitting, pointer networks, and chatbots, among others. If you’re frustrated by existing machine learning publications that make you feel like you need a PhD in math to understand them, save this blog as a bookmark.

7. AI Trends

This media outlet provides in-depth coverage of the most recent AI-related technology and business news. It’s intended to keep CEOs on top of artificial intelligence and machine learning trends. Interviews with and thought leadership pieces from notable business leaders, as well as in-depth articles on the business of AI, may be found in AI Trends.

8. AWS Machine Learning

Amazon is extensively invested in machine learning, employing algorithms in practically every aspect of its operations to generate leads. Algorithms help users find relevant products in search results, promote products based on previous purchases, and optimise product distribution and shipping from warehouses to customers. The blog includes projects and guidelines that show readers how the industry has progressed, as well as ML applications in Amazon Web Services technology.

9. Apple Machine Learning JOurnal

Apple’s advances in speech recognition, predictive text, and autocorrect, all of which are used in Siri, indicate that the company is working on machine learning. And their newest iPhone has a processor that uses machine learning to conduct trillions of operations per second; it’s ML in your hands. Apple’s Machine Learning Journal is a helpful look at how machine learning shapes their many technologies, with Apple engineers providing insight.

10. AI At Google

Google was instrumental in revolution is Machine learning, so it’s not unexpected that they’re investing heavily in the field. Google’s technology relies heavily on machine learning and AI, from their search engines, which have changed the way we search the web, to Google Maps, which has changed the way we get to our destinations, and now its self-driving car, which is revolution the auto industry. Google makes its work public through blog entries that describe their published findings and how others are using its technology to impact AI innovation.

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