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AWS Advantages & Disadvantages

AWS Advantages and disadvantages

Amazon Web Services

AWS is a cloud computing service. AWS helps its users by offering low-cost services with no upfront costs. Amazon Web Service is simple to use, and users do not need to be concerned with servers, security, or databases.

Advantages of AWS

AWS offers a number of benefits that encourage people to utilise it. AWS does, however, have some limits, although they do not have a significant impact on users.

  • It's Simple to Use

The AWS platform is well-defined, and even a novice can utilise it. A new application as well as an existing applicant will not face any difficulties. The AWS Management Console or well-documented web services make this feasible.

  • There Are No Capacity Limits
    Organizations initiate various initiatives and estimate how much capacity they will require. AWS assists them by supplying this capacity at a low rate. Their burden is reduced as a result of this advantage, and they are able to concentrate and develop new ideas.

Customers forecast capacity and pay higher costs as a result, yet AWS provides capacity at a reasonable cost. You have complete freedom to raise your capacity whenever you choose.

  • Provides Agility and Speed

If we ask an engineer, an Enter

Choose your demand and go on without speaking to anyone because it is simple and versatile.

You can easily deploy your application using this method. AWS gives us with technologies like as Auto Scaling, AWS Tools, and Elastic Load Balancing that help us decrease the time we spend on a work. You may choose them based on your need. These programmes are available whenever you need them.

The storage provided by them which works with a great speed is-

  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon also has high-performance databases such as-

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Elasticache
  • Amazon Dynamo Db
  • Trustworthy and safe
    You can develop and expand while maintaining a safe environment with Amazon, and you just pay for the services you utilise. AWS offers an end-to-end solution for securing and hardening your infrastructure.

Amazon Web Service offers the protection you require at a cheaper cost than an on-premises solution.

Because data is housed in AWS data centres, AWS provides security and helps to maintain privacy. Regardless of the quantity of your data, AWS infrastructure is intended to keep it safe.

Disadvantages of AWS


AWS places resource constraints by default, which vary by location. Images, volumes, and snapshots make up these resources. You can only run a certain amount of instances per region.

It also gives minimal information for Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC console resources. You can, however, ask for a higher limit.

  • Security Constraints

AWS limits several of its features that cannot be modified since security is one of the most important aspects. These are the features that cannot be changed:
EC-2 classic: Each Security Group can have a maximum of 100 permissions, and each instance can have a maximum of 500 permissions.
EC2-VPC: Each VPC can have up to 100 security groups.

  • Technical Support Fee

AWS charges you for immediate support and you can opt for any packages among 3 which are-

  • Developer
  • Business
  • Enterprise
  • Cloud Computing Issues in General

When moving to the cloud, AWS has general cloud computing issues such as downtime, limited control, and backup protection. These shortcomings, however, can be remedied with time. This makes them the temporary issue.

So that was it about AWS Benefits and Drawbacks. I hope you found our explanation to be helpful.

  • Reacovery

There are some businesses where we can see even a minor volume of stoppage or data loss results in calamity. AWS is the effective technology to support numerous disaster retrieval designs, which are built for slighter assignments to enterprise solutions that permit speedy downfall. AWS offers a group of cloud-based disaster recovery solutions enabling quick recapture of any data and IT infrastructure.

AWS’s multipurpose platform has accurate concepts and tools for the disaster recovery strategy at a point of time.

  • Consistency
    Now we all are aware that AWS is a tremendously valuable stage for backups and disaster recovery, but do you know it is also enormously consistent too? If you are concerned about learning AWS, then you need to know the AWS consistency models on AWS which can help you to write reliable and stable applications.

Using the AWS consistency model, you can make your application memory to persist consistently and the outcomes of any type of actions on its memory will be foreseeable.

  • Global Architecture
    Whatever technology or concepts we talk about, location plays an extremely significant role while deciding to prefer a location for the servers to exist in. One of the great point to talk about AWS is this is a global leader and it uses tags such as Availability Zones’ and ‘Regions’ for the Datacentres. There are totally 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions across the world.

We can see a few more zones in the future as the work is already in progress.

  • Pricing
    The topmost popular reason to learn AWS is pricing. AWS contains cost-free tier access for one year and the people who are fresh and longing to study the AWS technology can avail this option. I hope this is much adequate for freshers to start with.

AWS is flexible and provides pay-as-you-go choice which can critically aid to assist any of your business requirements. Flexible cost is a great provision for scaling-up or scaling-down the architecture whenever there is a need. Pricing of AWS is very similar to the payment that we carry out for water or electricity bills.

Users can pay only for the consumed services, and you can stop paying when the services are no more required. No additional charges or termination costs are collected.

  • Better Jobs
    Finally, everyone in this world is learning one or the other for what purpose? Yes, obviously to get a wonderful and meaningful job to lead a peaceful life. Are you not ready to get hold of an innovative and powerful job in this amazing competitive world? If any of you waiting to enter the world of cloud industry, better go ahead with cloud computing course which can tremendously benefit you to reach the interview phase.

A resume that contains an AWS Certification Training in bangalore and if the same has been observed by any recruiting organizations, that is where you stand and you need to prove yourself to be the best candidate with accurate cloud computing knowledge, skills, and proficiency for the mentioned job.
We are at the end of this blog! There are many courses and training session on AWS, either online or offline. Be sure that there is no end for learning and age is not a matter for enhancing the technical skills. AWS plays a major role in this competitive technology world and none of us are underestimated to keep away from learning such concepts.

Now you are aware of the top 10 reasons to learn AWS and now what are you waiting for? Just keep rocking with all your valuable skills to enter the AWS world.

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