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Chatbots Using RPA UiPath

Chatbots Using RPA UiPath

Chat-bots need no introduction as its being currently used by all of us in some ways or others in day-to-day life …

And trust me it's not new even …

If you are following the latest trend in Intelligent Automation you are probably aware that chat-bots and RPA are widely adopted AI Technologies today. With the help of these two super-cool combinations, we can create many self-services to perform a range of tasks across the various systems.

Well, how about combing the power of two technologies (RPA + Chatbot) together to solve the real-life problem…?

Let's see how UiPath Works with Chatbot to create intelligent conversational experiences for customers and employees, reduce business costs and increase the productivity of agents.

In this ultimate guide to building Uipath chatbots in 15 Minutes I’ll cover:

  1. How to Build Quick Chatbot /Dialogflow Agent
  2. How to Create Simple UiPath Workflow to service Chatbot request
  3. How to Connect Orchestrator service to begin mapping intents to processes for the fulfillment of chat requests
  4. How to Map intents to processes
  5. Test & Deploy your Chatbot

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