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Google cloud Interview Questions for Experienced

Google cloud Interview Questions for Experienced

Google cloud Interview Questions for Experienced

1) Why is a virtualization platform required for cloud implementation?

Virtualization allows you to construct operating systems, virtual storage, networks, and applications, among other things. We can expand the existing infrastructure with the correct virtualization. Existing servers can run many applications and operating systems.

2) What is the difference between elasticity and scalability?

Scalability is a cloud computing capability that allows it to scale up the capacity of resources to adapt to expanding workloads. When traffic increases, the architecture uses scalability to deliver on-demand resources. Elasticity, on the other hand, is a feature that allows for the dynamic commissioning and dismantling of large amounts of resources. It is determined by the availability of resources and the length of time they are used.

3) How do Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine work together?

Both Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine are mutually beneficial. GCE is an IaaS service, whereas Google Application Engine is a PaaS service. Mobile backends, web-based apps, and line-of-business applications all rely on GAE. If we require additional control over the underlying infrastructure, Computs Engine is a wonderful solution. For example, Compute Engine can be used to create bespoke business logic or run our own storage system.

4) What is the meaning of EUCALYPTUS?

"Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Program To Useful Systems" is what EUCALYPTUS stands for. This is a free cloud computing software architecture that is used to create cloud computing clusters. It offers private, public, and hybrid cloud services.

5) What are the different authentication methods for the Google Compute Engine API?

Authentication for the Google Compute Engine API can be done in a variety of ways:

Using the OAuth 2.0 protocol

Using the client library

Using an access token directly

6) What are some of the most widely used open-source cloud computing platforms?

Here are a few of the most popular open-source cloud platforms:




Mesos is an Apache project.

Cloud Foundry is a company that creates cloud-based

7) How do you distinguish between a project number and a project ID?

The project identifier and the project number are two factors that are used to identify a project. The following are the differences between the two:

When a project is created, the project id is generated automatically, but the project number is entered manually by the user. The number of the project is required and required, but the project ID may be optional for the services, but it is required for the Google Compute Engine.

8) How can data be safeguarded during cloud transport?

Verify that the encryption key used with the data you submit does not leak data as it flows from point A to point B on the cloud to ensure that the data is secure.

9) What are cloud computing system integrators?

A cloud has various components that can be difficult to understand. The system integrator is a cloud strategy that enables the design of the cloud, as well as the integration of various components for the establishment of a hybrid or private cloud network, among other things.

10) What are Google Cloud projects?

Projects are containers that organise all of Google Compute's resources. They make up the compartmentalised world. are not intended for resource sharing. Projects may have a variety of users and owners.

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