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Top 7 Advantages of Choosing Google Cloud Platform

A web hosting provider doesn’t only serve your website files to visitors. It controls how your website works, how fast it loads, its availability during outages, and its security — all of which directly impact your customer’s user experience and the success of your website as a sales tool.

In recent years, Google’s cloud hosting solution has risen to prominence and established itself as a leading service for millions of customers. If you’re considering Google as an option, we’ve compiled the top advantages of choosing Google Cloud hosting to help you make your decision — including why we think it’s currently the best solution on the market.

Table of Contents

  1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime
  2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines
  3. Free Uptime Monitoring
  4. Leading Global Infrastructure
  5. Unrivalled Throughput
  6. Performance Optimization With Network Service Tiers
  7. Continued Dedication to Network Expansion

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

The last thing you need is losing visitors and revenue because of website downtime. This is the time when prospective followers and customers will most likely seek out your competitors.

Regular periods of website downtime will not only impact your bottom line but can also negatively affect your search engine rankings. Google and Bing spiders regularly visit your website to crawl your site, check content, page speed, and availability. Frequent or lengthy outages will impact your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines

Patching, repairing, and updating software and hardware is a must in delivering a cutting-edge service. Live migration with Google keeps your instances and website available during:

  • Regular infrastructure and maintenance upgrades
  • Network and power grid maintenance in the data centers
  • Hardware failure including CPU, memory, disks, network interface, power, and more (though this is not always possible; in instances where hardware prevents live migration or fails, the VM will crash and restart automatically)
  • Host operating system (OS) and BIOS upgrades
  • High importance security-related updates
  • System configuration changes

This involves many components and is a highly complex process. To better appreciate the moving parts involved, check out this illustration of the high-level steps:Although initially a unique offering from Google Cloud, competitors have begun to see the benefits: Live migration is a service that Microsoft Azure has subsequently replicated.

3. Free Uptime Monitoring

Implementing a solution to perform uptime checks lets you automatically track the availability of your hosting setup and be alerted in the event of any outages. This allows you rapidly respond to any issues inside your control and minimize downtime while also tracking whether your provider meets their SLA.

Another advantage of Google cloud hosting is the Operation Suit, which allows you to monitor the performance of your platform and applications. Creating uptime checks and alerting policies is a simple process. It’s also completely free to monitor your Google infrastructure (though monitoring technology outside Google Cloud will cost extra).

The platform lets you create uptime checks across the following resource types:

  • URL
  • Kubernetes LoadBalancer Service
  • VM instance
  • App Engine service
  • AWS load balancer

4. Leading Global Infrastructure

One of the biggest things setting Google Cloud hosting apart from other players is their global network. It’s easily one of the biggest in the world, rivaling the global infrastructure of both Microsoft and Amazon.

Comparing the global infrastructure of the top three cloud providers is no easy task. They each use different terminology to describe their global network, and certain data points aren’t publicly available.

A larger and more geographically distributed network lets you offer local access to more people. This means more of your end users will enjoy a faster and better user experience when visiting your website.

Google Cloud offers several hosting advantages within their leading global infrastructure, which we’ll detail below.

5. Unrivalled Throughput

Throughput is the rate at which data processes and transfers between two locations. In networking, it is used to measure the performance — meaning speed — of VMs and hard drives along with internet and network connections.

Network throughput measures how many packets of data successfully arrive at their destination in a set timeframe. Packet loss creates slow and poor-performing networks. This, in turn, will create slow speed in your applications and impact your users.

In short, your website will take longer to load, especially in peak traffic situations.

A major advantage of choosing Google Cloud hosting is the platform’s unrivaled network throughput. A recent comparison of the top 3 cloud providers showed Google Cloud VMs have nearly 3x the network throughput of their AWS and Azure counterparts. Google’s bottom-performing network throughput machine performed 65% and 105% better than AWS’ and Azure’s top-performing machines.

6. Performance Optimization With Network Service Tiers

Having created a massive network of real-world infrastructure, the Google Cloud Platform can support the vast majority of the journey from the user to your resources. Customers gain access to their cutting-edge network, bypassing congested public internet routing and minimizing the number of traceroute hops for faster performance.

7. Continued Dedication to Network Expansion

Despite already offering planet-scale infrastructure, Google remains committed to growing and improving its global network. They focus on expanding into new regions and countries to produce more network edge locations.

This growth trend will, in turn, improve your ability to deliver an exceptional user experience to customers visiting your website. You’ll be able to offer ever-lowering latency and ever-heightening performance through more locations across the world

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