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Why future of Python Language is bright?

Why future of Python Language is bright?

Why future of Python Language is bright? (source)

It is bright! A general-purpose programming language, Python is used for web development, as a support language for software development, in applications used in scientific computing, data analysis and machine learning. You name the sector and Python developer will find their way to effect. In particular, the growth and demand of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning is on the rise among enterprises. In an era where technological innovation and digital transformation has been prevailing over due to these disruptive technologies, the requirement for Python programmers will continue to surge ensuring a bright future for them.’

On-demand Jobs + Top Salary = Best Growth! You call it Python’s versatility or its association with cutting-edge technologies, when it comes to demand and growth, Python is on the top. And consequently, the remuneration for certified Python professionals is also on the higher side. If you ask an ambitious IT professional about her short-term or long-term goals, it is certain to boil down at bright career prospects and growing salary. Python is conducive for both. e. It’s easy.

Ideal for Start-ups

Success for a start-up is a distant dream. It is materialized with small but significant steps in the right direction. As customer satisfaction is at the heart of enterprise success, an ideal solution is one that can be built quickly with minimum features and solves customer’s problems at hand. The iterative step of converting an idea into deliverable is continued till the final product or service is offered satiating the customer’s needs. Python developer fits perfectly in this scenario since you can code faster with Python. For a particular feature or module, Python requires lines of code 5 times less than Java, and 10 times lesser than C++.

And for the Big Names too

If you think Python is only ideally suited for the start-ups, then take a look at these names which rely heavily upon Python:

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Yahoo
  • Dropbox
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Instagram
  • Mozilla

Enough said!

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