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New Partnership Announcement: FAUN and ContainerDay Security 2023

Container Day Security

FAUN is glad to announce a partnership with ContainerDay Security.

ContainerDay Security” is a one-day community event that will take place on March 8th, 2023 at CreativSpace in Hamburg.

It is designed to foster networking, discussion, and knowledge sharing on best practices and use cases in the cloud-native security field among kubernauts community members. The program includes sessions and keynotes from expert practitioners in the cloud native environment, roundtables with discussion groups, and plenty of networking time. Expect a nice interactive event experience in an open space loft environment.

Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities , rising trends, best practices & more

ContainerDay Security is the perfect event for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the Security field. The agenda includes 8 engaging talks, one hands-on workshop, and 4 discussion groups. You will learn how to run your Kubernetes-based workloads securely, hear about actual attack scenarios, conduct container security scanning, get an introduction to several security tools, and receive further helpful security insights and best practices.

The vent will be held on March 8th, 2023 at CreativSpace in Hamburg a beautiful and major port city in northern Germany.

The topics discussed in this event are related to cloud hacking scenarios, container security scanning, hardening automation with Kubespray, Falco and Sysdig in action, preventing Kubernetes from being hacked, exploring network and runtime security with Cilium and Tetragon, and more!

You'll find more details about the keynotes, presentations, and speakers on the official page of the event.

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