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Argo CD Tracking Strategies


Continuous delivery(CD) is one on the key important for any software development team. We should please better to deliver the product to customer and also we should have better strategies, to handle any kind of situation. As CD has been grown very better now and GitOps helps us to expediate any releases and quicker, also it has is own challenges, so it is better to understand how we track the changes and implement it. Part of that, as we are mainly focusing Argo CD, In this will see what are tracking straegies Argo CD supports and how we can implement it with some sample demo. As Argo CD application spec provides several different ways of tracking Kubernetes resource manifests.

In all tracking strategies, the app has the option to sync automatically. If auto-sync is configured, the new resources manifests will be applied automatically — as soon as a difference is detected.

Argo CD Series:


For GIT, you can check suggestion as following,


For Helm, as it uses semantic versions, we can use version ranges.

Check more about version ranges on

Check our demo on this view, we have tried to explain the tracking with best examples for your references.

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