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Webinar On March 2nd: From Long-Lived To Ephemeral Environments

Join us on March 2nd for a webinar hosted by Benjie De Groot

Managing pre-production environments is a tedious job yet critical to the quality of your production software. Commonly, teams experience bottlenecks and spiraling cloud costs as a result of using long-lived environments in their pre-production workflows. Ephemeral environments are the answer to solving these bottlenecks.

Ephemeral environments have been a best practice at FAANG companies for many years, but out of reach for the vast majority of software teams.

On Wednesday March 2nd (2pm EST), Shipyard Co-Founder and CEO Benjie De Groot is hosting a webinar that will cover how the landscape is changing and how Shipyard is making ephemeral environments accessible to all.

  • Why are teams moving from long-lived to ephemeral environments?
  • Common problems teams face in adoption
  • How Shipyard helps teams move to ephemeral environments faster

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