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Deploy servers in AWS through Terraform via Jenkins Pipeline

Terraform Project - For creating AWS environment, with parameters for inugav/TerraformProj_AWS:

  • No of Instances
  • Type of Instance
  • Zone / Region
  • No of zones for implementation

- Terraform:
- Installed on same server as Jenkins
- Terraform 0.12 used
- Jenkins :
- Terraform needs to be configured on Jenkins as plugin
- Jenkins is on Windows server for this implementation. Calls might need to be modified accordingly.
- AWS SSH Keys and other secure parameters are setup as secure keys in Jenkins.
- 3 Pipeline jobs will need to be created one each for Network, App & AnsiblePlaybook.
- Ansible :
- The test uses WSL implementation of Ansible, hence pipeline batch file executions need to be modified accordingly.
- The discovery code might need tweaking to suite individual needs.

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