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Cloud Vs ️Devops in 2023🤷🏻‍♂️


Most ignored things is difference between Cloud and Devops. Lets break it down today.

All those who are trying to make a switch in Cloud World, its crucial to understand the difference between CLOUD & DEVOPS.

In this article, i will try to create 2 distinct picture of what is Cloud and what is Devops, with proper detail about them.

Each day, i receive so many questions regarding whats the difference in them or are they both same🤕

So stick with me till end on this one, with a bit of patience🤌🏻 & love❤️‍🔥 to learn something new this year🙋🏻‍♂️


When I say Cloud, dont imagine a cloud in sky🤔
Cloud means a machine just like your computer or laptop which is placed somewhere at a secret location, that you can take on rent.

But why you want to take someones machine on rent which you are not even aware, where it’s placed on this planet😲

Lets take an example, you have a mobile and when your mobile storage gets full, what you do?📱

Either you delete some apps or you move your images & videos on Google Photos and then delete those images and videos from your gallery to free up some space in “your device”🤟🏻

So basically what you did, you moved YOUR data from “YOUR DEVICE” to “Google’s device” whic is placed somewhere else.
That google device is called cloud because you can’t see that machine or that infrastructure of machines setup by Google.

Now we are aware what is cloud, its just a machine which you rent, to store your data or to run your some process so that your personal device should be free.

Now a “Cloud” role is related to this machine that we call “Cloud”

  1. Cloud person will take care of the creation & maintainence of this machine as required by the person who will be renting this machine.
  2. Ensuring different process, as required by customer should run properly in this machine/cloud by adding different services provided by AWS, Google or Azure company who owns this cloud.
  3. Monitoring and Maintainence of these servers/machines/cloud infra.

A Solution Architect work is, to understand what the customer wants to run on the cloud and how efficiently he can create a architecture of machines with cloud various services so that customer gets a bulletproof machine where they can run their project smoothly.

Terms like Cloud engineers, Cloud associates etc etc are all related to working on things related to these machines which customer uses on rent.

Cloud Service Providers:
Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure),Google(GCP)
Thats why we hear terms like AWS Solution Architect,AWS Security Specialist.


Devops is made from 2 terms : Development + Operations

Development means the code that developer create for aproject like a python code to create some API’s, some Java code , some C# code, some Angular code.
This code will then be Deployed on a machine, from where entire world can access the functionality of that code.

And when we say code is to be deployed or pushed or moved, it means same like we moved our Images from our mobile to Google Photos.

But there comes many steps in between Coding to Deploying.

Lets take CICD example:
The moment a code is completed, all developer will push their code in a repository like GitHub or Atlassian Bitbucket.

They will merge all these codes together, test them, build them and once after code is properly built, they will move that code to dev level, then to UAT level, then Pre-prod & finally to Prod Level.

This Dev, UAT, Pre-prod , Prod are nothing but different levels where code is pushed one by one and tested by testers.

Now Devops role is to :
Automate all these manula process, such that the moment code is pushed by developers , it should be merged,built,tested and if all worked well deploy it on Prod server.

And if there is any issue in any of these stage, it should be notified to respective developer or team lead. This is called CICD (Continuous Integration/Continous Deployment/Delivery)

So a “Devops” role is related to bridge gap between developers & deployment to make process faster using automations.

For these automation of various process Devops guy need tools like
Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, Terraform, Ansible, Prometheus.

Moral of the Story:
Cloud role revolves around the machines/servers/ maintainence.
Devops role revolves around automating things using different tools.

These topic can go much deeper depending upon what company is asking from a candidate like even its a Cloud role, he/she can be asked for automating things as well.

So better start first by learning one cloud service like AWS/Azure/GCP and what all services they provide.
Then we can move on to devops skill like learning Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins etc etc.

Thank you for being with me till here.Means a lot to me.
I hope i was able to give you 2 images at the end of this article of what is CLOUD(a machine infrastructure) and what is DEVOPS(automating things)

If you liked it,let me know, it will mean the world to me.
Thank you. Have a Happy Learning.

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