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Geting into Cloud Domain & importance of certs in 2023 ?


Geting into Cloud Domain & importance of certs in 2023 ?

Lets understand how to approach a “Switching to Cloud/Devops Domain” in 2023 & what Role Certifications will play in i️t, as per my knowldege🙋🏻‍♂️

“Cloud and Devops” are two majorly talked & mostly prefered career switch option currently in the market🌎

And there are various certifications associated with this domain as well👨🏻‍💻

Myself, being a Lead Cloud Architect, on daily basis see various queries and post on these certifications ⚙️


“I am totally new to cloud with an experience of xyz yrs of experience in sales or testing or management, where to start my cloud/devops journey ?”

Certifications will be a “KNOCK KNOCK”🥊 on the recruiters Door, and you will be heard thats for sure 🤟🏻

Because in such scenario, because of certifications,may be you can get a CHANCE to appear for the INTERVIEW. But once you get into interview door, the certificates will be outside the Door only.

Which Roadmap/Certifications to choose now ?

Below 3 steps will definetly highlight you in the crowd🙋🏻‍♂️

Remember, i am assuming, your intention is more of, breaking into the domain and not of getting deep 8 yrs of cloud knwoledge in 8 months. So choose wisely.

Cloud Provider : There are AWS, Azure,GCP the top 3.
AWS is major market share holder in Cloud domain, so vaccancy will be more, selection rejection experience will be more. Or you can go for any other cloud provider certs for first 2 cert for sure.Like in AWS you can go for “AWS Cloud Practioner” + “AWS Solution Architect Associates

Devops : Now keep cloud aside for now and move to Devops.
No need of rushing for certifications just take a very good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes & CICD process with any CICD tool.

Terraform Certification : This skill will be a booster for you 🚀.
As it will show that, irrespective of what cloud service, the company is using you can create servers, DB, security groups and other cloud infra for them.

Programming : Python as we all know will be our best friend or we can say most simplest friend in this journey.
You dont need to be a Python Developer, but knowing how things work around in a script will be helpful.

This all will take around minimum 5 -6 months of your time to get yourself prepare and next 5–6 months will be how fast you apply & how well you represent yourself in the interview.
Also after doing above certs and gaining knowledge you will be able to create a body of Cloud Project Setup in your resume at your end💪🏻🔥

Tip: Please dont try to learn everything at once. Cloud & Devops have 100 of things, it will be overwhelming for you. So pick one thing, end it and then move to next one.

And, you can surely do this, as you are not the first, to do it, nor the last 😎
Many have achieved, what right now, you are dreaming of.
2023 will give you everything you have thought of 🥳

Now Lets decode Role of Certifications on different experience level.

There are 3 types of candidates in the market
Freshers (1 -1.5 yrs exp)
Mid level (7–8 yrs exp)
Experienced (10+ yrs)

And there are 3 types of conditions as well
🔥 For Freshers : Either asked by company to get a cert or by self to make a switch
🔥 For Mid level : Working in a paticular role for few years like developer, testers so for either a promotion or for trying cloud domain.
🔥 For Experienced : Got technically comfortable at high level so trying to get updated with latest technology.

First decide you fall under which category and Now lets do the maths 🤌🏻

NOTE: Certifications are anyway good for anyone, but here we are focusing on the impact of certs according to your job experience in market.

For a Fresher, with 1 or 2 years of experience, thinking of getting a cert, it will help him to get a broader aspect of after submitting his code/task, what happend in next levels of project cycle.
But you don’t need cert at this moment, unless your managers ask for one, all you need is strong fundamentals on Cloud concepts,, so that once you get to Mid level in your career, you can crack down certs easily without any Dumps and will have a strong funamentals💪🏻

For a Mid-Level, person with 7–8 yrs experience thinking of getting a cert,
it will help him to grab the attention of team, may be alongwith good increment. And as he/she got a good amount of experience, it will surely validate its knowledge to the recruiters or leads, which will give a good amount of interviews line up. So you should surely, go for some of certs depending upon your interest as well your profile.

For a Experienced, with 10+ yrs, its more about your awarness that will be visible to the team members who are working with you. It will be a good brain exercise as well , but this is not a compulsory one for you as you will be having Mid-level certified candidates working with you.

NOTE Reminder: Certifications are anyway good for anyone, but here we were focusing on the impact of certs according to your job experience in market.

And thats all, from this friend of yours🧞‍♂️

Will be more then happy to connect for One-to-One mentorship call in any case needed to create a customize roadmap for you in this journey 🙌🏻🔥

If my words made few things clear for you, do let me know and if you share same intrest as me in CLoud,Devops,Security,Web3 then lets connect 🙋🏻‍♂️

Happy Learning !!

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