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Learning Docker, Kubernetes, Orchestration using a selfie example


Docker+Kubernetes (source)

Docker , Kubernetes, Orchestrations let me try to explain these things using selfie example🙋🏻‍♂️

Using our mobile camera we take selfies, selfies get stored in mobile gallery🤳🏻
Likewise using docker we take selfies of our project & store them in our machine💻

If your selfies are not run/used, they are just using your mobile space 👾
But when you use/run your selfie, you get a new DP on whatsapp, FB🕺🏻

When you run docker image, you get a new container 🗳️

Now to handle your so many selfies, we have google photos 🧑🏻‍🎨
To maintain so many containers, we have Kubernetes ☸️

So, let’s revise again,

Using Docker as a camera, you take a docker image of your code.🖼️
When you run the docker image, you get a container ☸️
And Kubernetes helps in deleting, updating, and maintaining these 100’s of containers🗳️🗳️🗳️

Kubernetes helps in creating a Cluster, inside the Cluster we have our machines/nodes inside which our created containers are running.

Now what is Orchestration? Lets take a cricket game example 🏏

Example of Orchestration:🎼

On hotstar, in a cricket match, in the last 2 3 overs, number of viewers can increase by 10x 📈
So, to suddenly handle these loads of requests, k8s will autoscale or create 100 such more containers🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️

When match is over, we close the app, so now the number of requests is reduced📉
K8s deletes the newly created containers as they are not needed now 🗳️❎

This feature gives auto scaling, high availability, no down time for our application.

And thats all

Just remember Docker is our CAMERA , Docker Image is our Selfies, running these selfies we get Container like our DP, Kubernetes is Google Photo app which helps to maintaine these selfies i.e the containers.

In the next part will try to explain #kubernetes #architecture in layman term

If you connected a bit by my post, do let me know by a follow or a clap that we both share same intrest of devops,cloud & kubernetes.

#docker #kubernetes #orchestration #devops #autoscaling #cloud

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