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Most Important Skill for 2023 & 2024


Its 2023 and we should know what is required from us in the market !!

Its 2023 and its already one day old now 👴🏻

Which important skill have you planned to learn this year or this month or this week ?

Cloud, Devops, Python, Blockchain, JS ?

Let me share a note with you about me!
I am an IT professional with 9 yrs of experience and working as a Lead Cloud Architect in a Denmark based firm.

On a daily basis, I have to deal with Devops & CICD pipelines tools like Bitbucket pipeline/cicrleCI & Jenkins, Managing K8s clusters using Kops, sometimes writting python code in Django framework for projects, working on AWS cloud infra and different IAM roles and policies.

When i list down these skills and tools which i am working right now, trust me i have full faith that they wont be in my resume in next 5 6 months.

The biggest skill you can learn in 2023 is “Learn to Learn Fast⚡”

The pace at which the market is changing, its impossible to just know one or two skill and stick to it for years. Those days are gone.

Tools & Languages are getting older in just 2 3 months being in market.

You have to adapt to this rapid changing world. But how ?

My 5 tips on Learning “How to Learn Fast” 👨🏻‍💻

  1. Its all Mind game. Prepare your Mind to STOP Fearing from Changes.
  2. The first thing your mind will say to you is “Shit its a new toll,it will take 2 3 months to learn it, its not possible what your Team Lead is saying”. You have to Overcome this fear of change.
  3. When a new tool comes infront of you, say “It’s just a tool, i have experience of something simillar like it. I will learn it quickly.”
  4. Stop wasting your time on its theory part.Start implementing and start to Fail Fast.
    If you Fail Late, remember you will Pass Late as well.”
  5. Follow proper course, material, community, pages, writters to be aware what changes are happening in market.

It will sound oldy, but trust me, its all about “Either You Control Your Mind OR the Mind Controls You” 🤷🏻‍♂️

Let me pin down some current hot skills in market:(Acc to my experience)

🔥Cloud: Go for AWS as it has max market share, so more openings,more rejections,more selections chance.
🔥Blockchain Developer: Learning JS will be helpful.If not in Blockchain then as a developer its in full demand as well.
🔥Devops: Docker,Kubernetes,CICD tools(Bitbucket,CircleCi,Jenkins),Terraform.
🔥Cybersecurity: Network security monitoring tools(Argus, Nagios, Pof, Splunk, and OSSEC),Encryption tools(Tor, KeePass, VeraCrypt, NordLocker, AxCrypt, and TrueCrypt),Web vulnerability scanning tools(Burp Suite, Nikto, Paros Proxy, and SQLMap) and other concepts.

But make yourself understand that:
“Everything is possible in this world”
Every skill can be learnt.
Each language can be practised.
Just open your mind and thoughts🔥

FACT CHECK: You Like it or Not, this is fact that market is changing rapidly.

You have to keep yourself updated.
Accept it and make your mind to accept it too positively 😃

From my side i am trying to decode complex topics like cloud, devops, security in simple manner by linking them with our daily day-to-day things we do.
Like this one explaining Docker & Kubernetes using a selfie example 🤳🏻

So “Learn to Learn Fast”.

Market is changing so should be our thoughts, for Your Capabilities.All the best.

If you felt i gave you a reallity check.Do let me know by a comment. It will mean a world to me.
Will be happy knowing your thoughts on the same.

If you want to connect with me on Linkedin will be happy to share my journey with you all there as well.

Keep pushing, Keep growing. #2023 is yours.

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Mohit Mishra

Lead Cloud Architect

Explaining things in Layman term | Lead Cloud Architect | Denmark 🇩🇰 | Cloud | Devops | Devsecops | Web3
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