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Machine Learning Engineer: Skill, Salaries, and Job Outlook

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The job of Machine Learning Engineer looks very promising in coming years and here we discuss what ML engineers do, how to become one, and how much they earn in India and the USA.

Artificial Intelligence is not the future, it is the current trend. When you scroll your social feeds, you may come across AI news, AI courses on ChatGPT, generative AI, etc. It is simply because almost all companies irrespective of the industry they belong are seeking the use of AI to grow their business and enhance their customer experience.

Machine Learning Engineers are one of the most important parts of a team designing AI systems. As the AI market grows, which is expected to hit $1.6 trillion by 2030, as per Precedence Research, the demand for ML engineers will soar. In fact, as per the latest WEF report, the AI and ML engineer jobs are the fastest growing job that is growing at 40% and there will be 1 million jobs.

In this article, let us learn more about ML engineers, what AI skills they need, what ML professionals do, and how much they earn in India and abroad.

What is a Machine Learning Engineer and what does he do?

A Machine Learning Engineer is an expert who focuses on the design, implementation, and maintenance of machine learning systems. They possess a strong understanding of both software engineering and data science concepts.

Their primary role involves developing and deploying machine learning models that can analyze large datasets and make accurate predictions or decisions.

These ML professionals work on various tasks such as collecting and preprocessing data, selecting appropriate machine learning algorithms and models, training and optimizing models, and integrating them into production systems. They also focus on improving model performance, addressing scalability and efficiency concerns, and monitoring the models' performance over time.

Collaboration with data scientists, software engineers, and other stakeholders is common to ensure the effective deployment and integration of machine learning solutions into real-world applications.

What does it take to become a Machine Learning Engineer?

To become a machine learning engineer you must be qualified in computer science, data science, or related field. Then you must gain the required AI skills such as:

  • Strong programming skills in Python, R, Java
  • Knowledge of libraries and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or scikit-learn
  • Understanding of foundational concepts of statistics, probability, data analysis, data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data visualization techniques
  • Machine learning algorithms, such as regression, classification, clustering, and deep learning
  • Proficiency in software engineering practices, including version control, testing, debugging, and software development life cycle

With the best AI ML engineer certifications, students and young professionals can gain all these skills. The AI certification courses are designed in such a way as to empower students with the latest trends and technologies which they can apply in their AI career.

Factors Determining the Salary of machine learning engineers

The following are the key factors determining a Machine Learning Engineer’s salary:

  1. Experience: Needless to say, more the experience, the higher the salary
  2. Education: In most cases, highly qualified candidates such as professionals with Masters’s degrees or MBAs earn higher than candidates with just an associate or graduate degree.
  3. Skills and Expertise: the higher the skills in your resume, the more the chances of getting hired and earning a higher salary
  4. Location: ML professionals can expect higher salaries in metropolitan and Tier 1 cities as compared to Tier 2-3 cities because of the higher cost of living.
  5. Company and industry: Big companies pay higher than small companies to ML and AI Engineers

Salary of machine learning engineers in India and the USA

Now let us have a quick overview of the salaries ML engineers get in India and the USA.

In India:

In the USA:

(Source – Glassdoor)


Machine Learning Engineers have promising AI careers in the coming years as the AI revolution is transforming the world currently. With the best AI ML engineer certification the students must gain the required skills and earn a competitive edge over candidates to secure their ML Engineer jobs. Since the AI industry is getting competitive, students must prove their credibility and expertise to gain better positions and higher salaries.


1.What are the skills needed for ML Engineer?

Programming, data science, machine learning algorithms, statistics, mathematics, software engineering, problem-solving, communication, continuous learning, and collaboration skills.

2. How much ML Engineer earn in India and the USA?

The average salary per annum of an ML Engineer in India is ₹8, 50,000 and in the USA is $1,09,289.

3. Which are the top companies paying the highest to ML Engineers?

As per Glassdoor, Tubi, Meta, Apple, Wish, Koko, Strava, Whatnot, Google, Twitter, etc. pay the highest salaries to ML Engineers.

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