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Boost Co-worker Engagement With These 20 HR Newsletter Ideas


After the pandemic, kitchen coffees and lunch meetings have slowly been in decline. The world has shifted from mandatory on-site labor to remote working, which has made employee communication that much harder. 

With mundane tasks, routine meetings, and occasional offline events, the gap between co-workers, HRs, and C-levels can easily expand. Considering all of that, employees may lose touch with the company culture, leading to demotivation and unproductivity. 

That’s when an HR newsletter saves the day. 

In this blog post, we’ll share 20 HR newsletter ideas that will entertain, engage, and motivate your co-workers. 

What are HR newsletters and why are they important? 

Human Resources or HR newsletters are emails sent to employees at regular intervals to boost employee engagement. 

Such emails are similar to company-wide announcements and include the latest industry news, company trends, recent employee wins, team spotlights, upcoming company events, pulse surveys, job postings, messages from the leadership team, etc. They are also commonly known as employee newsletters.

A few benefits of sending HR newsletters:

  • Improving internal communication. Email newsletters can offer valuable content and spark interesting conversations. This helps HR professionals boost engagement in the workspace. 
  • Keeping employees well-informed. Monthly newsletters sharing company news, key updates, training opportunities, and upcoming team-building events can foster healthy connections and teamwork. Plus, they show employees that the company cares about their development, which makes them feel appreciated. 
  • Boosting employee morale and loyalty. Employee newsletters are a great place to remind the staff about the company’s values. These can turn into quizzes, surveys, or games, creating a sense of community. 
  • Promoting a positive work environment. HR newsletters can feature employee success stories, ask for feedback, recognize top performers, and celebrate promotions. 

20 HR newsletter ideas you can experiment with (+ examples and templates) 

A company’s newsletter can take various forms and shapes. Below, we’ll list 20 engaging employee newsletter ideas. You can use just some of them based on the occasion or mix things up and offer different types of newsletters each month. 

1. Employee milestones or work anniversaries 

Celebrating employee milestones like project completions or events like promotions, work anniversaries, and birthdays can spark conversations and make employees feel valued for their hard work. 

So, while planning employee newsletter topics, note down all these events and give your co-workers a shoutout. Don’t forget to include employee profiles to introduce them to other members of the team. 

Pro tip: Ask colleagues you’re about to feature to share their experiences, thoughts, or proud moments to make the newsletter more personal and inspiring. 

Here’s an employee newsletter template you could use: 

Subject line: 🌟Celebrating Milestones: A Tribute to Our [Company Name] Stars! 🌟

2. New hire announcements 

You can notify employees of a new addition to their team with the help of a weekly or monthly newsletter. Since most new joiners are anxious and reserved, such announcements introducing them set the stage for building new relationships among their team members.    

Your new employee email announcement can include:

  • The employee’s picture;
  • Their professional background;
  • Current role;
  • Fun facts about them;
  • Favorite pastimes, etc.

Subject line: Welcoming New Horizons: Meet the Latest Additions to the [Company Name] Family! 🚀

3. Upcoming event announcements 

HR newsletters can be used to announce upcoming company-related events and encourage employees to register for them by showing what they can expect. For example, a behind-the-scenes picture, information about the speakers at the online or in-person event, and more.

Your newsletter to announce events can include: 

  • Event dates and a response button (Yes/No) that adds the event to the employee’s calendar;
  • A link to RSVP or register, if applicable;
  • List of speakers and their backgrounds;
  • The agenda;
  • A behind-the-scenes picture;
  • What they should bring to the event.

You can also send event-related newsletters for other employee engagement events, such as team-building activities, team parties, outings, and so on, to help employees stay connected.

Subject line: Mark Your Calendars: [Company Name]’s Events Line-Up Revealed! 🎉

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