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Wildcard officially becomes owner and collaborator of Babelfish

Babelfish: A Universal Code Parser

Babelfish is a self-hosted server for source-code parsing: it has the power to parse all kinds of file, in any supported language, extracting an Abstract Syntax Tree and converting it into a Universal Abstract Syntax Tree (UAST). This UAST enables further analysis and transformations with either the included tools or your own tools by providing a standard open format. The project has been developped to be able to parse millions of repositories. The scope is to be expanded in a near future as it was thought for large scale code analysis, where the source code can be analyzed with its full context (and not just per-file).

Babelfish is an open project maintained by dedicated developpers on the official Github account. 25 contributors have already submitted commits to the project, and currently 11 owners keep the project growing. We are amazingly proud of being part of this project and to contribute to its development. Take a look now!

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