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Cloud Migration

cloud migration

Organizations who want to move their existing applications to a public cloud provider must typically consider several key aspects before making that move.

Technically supported- Will the technology that the appln is based on run on the target public cloud platform?

Data access / interfaces- Is there a need to exchange large amount of data from local to public cloud & back?

Network impact - Will the move from a local appln server to a central cloud platform impact the WAN?

Business criticality - If the WAN goes down, the application might not support DR from a public cloud context & cater for the RTO & RPO req

Service Levels - Does the cloud provider deliver the same or better SLAs & KPIs?

Data security - Is it possible to store the data on the cloud provider’s infra?

Latency - Is the appln part of a wider business process & overall round trip is higher than the SLA ?

Business Case - What is the value of moving this appln to the cloud?

Once all data points have been collected, typically an architect would work with the options range from aspects like retain, rehost, retire, replatform, refactor, recode & rebuild. 

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