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Lamda functions in a nutshell


Lambda functions are a very cool feature in Python. They can be used to write very small, simple and fast functions. These functions are known as anonymous or lambda functions. A lambda function is also known as an anonymous function because it doesn’t have a name and has no body like any other regular function does.

What are Lamda functions

Lamda functions are a part of the functional programming paradigm, which is a way of writing programs using functions.

A lambda function is a small piece of code that doesn’t do much, but instead returns some value or performs an action when it’s called on an input stream. For example:

                # This adds two numbers together
x = lamda a, b: a + b
print(x(2, 5)) # 7

Lambda functions benefits

One of the main benefits of Lambda functions is that they’re small and simple. They don’t have a lot of overhead, so you can write them quickly and easily. They also have a more limited scope than normal functions; this means that your code only runs as long as needed, which makes for fast execution times.

Additionaly, since they’re anonymous, it means that there’s no need to create an object in memory when you use them (like we did earlier). This means less resource usage on your part, but also less complexity in how your application works overall!

The following is the syntax for a lambda function.

The following is the syntax for a lambda function (the braces aren’t included).

x = lamda [arguments] : [function]

The anonymous part of a lambda function comes from the fact that it doesn’t need a name to be defined. This is what makes it different from the regular named functions we have written so far.

This makes lambda functions easy to read: you can focus on what’s inside your function without worrying about what goes outside of it or how it works with other code around you. You also don’t have any type annotations or curly braces — just straight up code! That’s another benefit of using lambdas over other programming languages’ syntaxes like Java or C#; there’s no need for all those extra bits when working with something as simple as normal JavaScript code (and let’s face it…most people aren’t trying very hard when typing out their own JS anyway).


In this article, you learned about what lambda functions are and why they’re so important. We also discussed how to create them and use them in our code. Remember that the best way to learn something new is to practice it! If you have any questions or need help understanding the syntax, please let us know in the comments below.

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