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Humans Behind Code:
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What is it?

As developers we use ODC (Other Developers' Code) every day.
But how often do we get to know the people behind the code?

Humans Behind Code (HBC) is a project by FAUN, where developers meet other developers and learn about the people behind the tools, libraries, frameworks and other projects they use to build their applications. We interview developers and ask them about their projects, their motivations, their struggles and their successes. It's about sharing knowledge and helping each other grow.

After all, we are all humans behind the code.

Humans Behind Code

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Some of our previous interviews

Bernard Halas, Claudie Founder
Bernard Halas

K8s and Cloud

Shahar Glazner, CTO and Cofounder, Keep
Shahar Glazner

CTO and cofounder at Keep Passionate about building stuff. Less is more. Long-distance runner.

Jeronimo Irazabal

My passion is designing complex software, and I've found immutable databases to be a very interesting topic for applied research. I am a co-founder of immudb. My non-tech hobbies include playing padel, running, and swimming in cold water.

Susa Tünker

I'm a product manager at Humanitec and a contributor to Score, an open source project that aims to simplify application delivery for developers.