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favicon   Forget Monoliths vs. Microservices. Cognitive Load is What Matters.

For innovative software organizations, managing the overall cognitive load on their teams is a guiding development and operational principle.
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favicon   Perform a Kubernetes Security Hardening Before You Use Jenkins X

Developers need to make a Kubernetes security hardening a priority before you dabble with Jenkins X in your environment. Don't let Kubernetes vulnerabilities expose your valuable data to possible attacks.

favicon   How to Track Security Problems in Your Kubernetes Deployments

Kubernetes is getting more secure, but its popularity makes it a target. The new open-source tool kube-hunter helps you improve your team's hunt.

favicon   How to Run Evolution Strategies on Google Kubernetes Engine

Evolution strategies have been shown to be a good alternative for reinforcement learning at tackling certain ML challenges. This post shows you how to use Kubernetes to deploy scalable evolutionary algorithms.

favicon   Follow Logs From Multiple K8s Pods in a Deployment, Replicaset, Etc.

For production applications running in containerized infrastructure (e.g. Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm, etc.)—and even for more traditional infrastructure with multiple application servers (for horizontal scalability), it is important to have centralized, persistent logging of some sort or another.
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favicon   Automate Kubernetes With Gitops

The goal of GitOps is to increase the velocity of your team’s output. It automates much of the process of Kubernetes releases and deployments and avoids the use of custom scripts.

favicon   Amazon EKS Now Supports Kubernetes Version 1.13, ECR Privatelink, And Kubernetes Pod Security Policies

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) now supports Kubernetes version 1.13.7 for all clusters. Additionally, you can use ECR PrivateLink and Kubernetes PodSecurityPolicies with your EKS clusters.
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favicon   Building a PDF Generator on AWS Lambda With Python3 And Wkhtmltopdf

Creating scalable APIs in 2019 is easier than ever before with serverless auto-scaling compute power being widely accessible. In this article I’ll show you how I created a PDF generator API that can handle with 1000 concurrent requests.
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favicon   Serverless 101: A Comprehensive Guide

The astonishing rise of serverless is dramatically enhancing the productivity of applications developers and infrastructure and operations administrators.
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favicon   From a High Traffic Monolithic App to Serverless

Converting a high traffic monolithic app into a serverless architecture
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