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favicon   Building Terraform From Source With a Patch

On occasion, you need to build Terraform from source. For example, you might need to try out a patch that hasn’t made it into the main repository yet. This is how you do it. If you’re interested in…

favicon   Using Terraform Cloud Remote State Management

We recently released Terraform Cloud Remote State Management. This blog post looks at some motivations for using this feature as well as how it works.
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favicon   Understanding Network Quality: The Rise of Customized Content Delivery

“Make LinkedIn feel instantaneous” is a mantra our performance team lives by to deliver the best possible experience to our members. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our site speed and user experience, be it through optimizing our infrastructure and edge, accelerating our web and mobile applications’ performance, or tuning our systems and making our services more efficient.

favicon   Introducing Pulumi Crosswalk For AWS: The Easiest Way to AWS

Amazon Web Services provides an incredible platform for developers to build cloud-native applications and is used by millions of customers of
all sizes. The building block services that AWS offers enable teams to offload undifferentiated heavy-lifting to AWS. To maximally benefit from these services though, cloud engineering teams must learn how to compose all of these building blocks together to build and deliver their own applications. Today..
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favicon   Govtechsg/Slist

slist aims to solve the problem of users having to remember aliases or IP addresses of all their servers.
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favicon   Cultivating Production Excellence

Taming the complex distributed systems we’re responsible for doesn’t just require changing the tools and technical approaches we use; it also requires changi...
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favicon   AWS SSM is a Trojan Horse: Fix it Now!

Recently, I held a security workshop together with a team of engineers. At some point, the team demonstrated how they use AWS...
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favicon   2019 Open Source Database Report: Top Databases, Public Cloud vs. On-premise, Polyglot Persistence

Find the latest database trends: Open Source vs. Commercial, SQL vs. NoSQL, Top Clouds, Public Cloud vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid Cloud, and Polyglot Persistence.

favicon   Kubectl Commands Cheatsheet

Collection of useful kubectl commands. “kubectl commands cheatsheet” is published by Kenichi Shibata in Faun.

favicon   Why I no Longer Use Terraform For Templating Kubernetes

One of the most important principles to being an engineer, is being able to admit when you are wrong. Well folks. I was wrong. Some of you may have read my previous blog post about Templating k8s…