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favicon   Debugging Crashed Kubernetes Container

When working with Kubernetes, you’re often amazed how easy container, service or secret configurations can be deployed with a simple command. At least as long as it works. The moment your Kubernetes…

favicon   Running Your First Kata Containers on The Kubernetes Cluster

When I first meet the container technology and starting to use it a lot with Docker and Kubernetes later, I wondered about how to make it more secure and also how can I combine the old, good know…

favicon   Perform a Kubernetes Security Hardening Before You Use Jenkins X

Developers need to make a Kubernetes security hardening a priority before you dabble with Jenkins X in your environment. Don't let Kubernetes vulnerabilities expose your valuable data to possible attacks.

favicon   Cloud Run And Cloud Function: What I Use? And Why?

In April 2019, at Google Next event, Google announced a new serverless product: Cloud Run. I’m a Cloud Run alpha tester and I experimented this awesome product on many use cases. I was also honored…

favicon   Containers And Cybersecurity: Ansible, Kubernetes, More to Consider

Containers are a very big deal in enterprise computing right now. Here, we'll look at the individual components used in the showcase and how each could be used by a cyber security team to replicate the work done at Interop.

favicon   Serverless And Containers: Two Great Technologies That Work Better Together – Techcrunch

Cloud native models using containerized software in a continuous delivery approach could benefit from serverless computing where the cloud vendor generates the exact amount of resources required to run a workload on the fly. While the major cloud vendors have recognized this and are already creating products to abstract away the infrastructure, it may not […]