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Difference between Architecture and Design

ConclusionCode design is how the application code structure will be implemented, how will be the responsibilities for each class, the domain in your application, how the modules will be structured, and will be the communication between modules layers.Architecture plan the segregation (if necessary) ..

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Continuous Integration — CI & Continuous Delivery —CD | How to build a high-quality pipeline

It´s worth investing a little time to understand continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), mainly in the development software world in which exists are builds and controls version repositories.

CI — Continuos Integration

CI is a process that allows us to make changes quickly and easily without being painful.
Newman, Sam. Building Microservices . O’Reilly Media. Kindle Edition.

The main goal of CI is to keep the team in sync with the existing code from the repository. Basically, a good CI detects that the code has been committed, and runs some verifications such as if the code is compiling and if the tests are passed.

This process brings us many benefits, such as fast feedback about the application. This process allows us in each modification to have faster feedback about the last changes made, if any flow was broken, for example, we can do this over and over again, gaining more confidence when we need to update a feature, o refactor any piece of the code.