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How to Build a Money Transfer App: The Main Features

The development of a money transfer app can be very beneficial and profitable. In this article, you will learn how to build a successful money transfer app.

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Graph-Data Structure

In this blog, we will discuss about one of the data structure i.e. Graphs

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Text Editors Which Are NOT Meant For Development…

There are some text editors which are meant purely for… Well, not development. Here are some examples of such editors. You’ll realize that they are meant and are created for other use cases…

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IT — Build an app that will get you hired

Forget learning how to make calculator or use many other languages like JS, TS, Python… Build a real simple app for single purpose in maximum of 3 months will get you hired, from experience.

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Progressive Delivery Strategies For Efficient, Risk Mitigated Deployment

Building a modern application often involves building it as a microservice, which provides developers with more flexibility and agility in terms of deployment options.

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Kotlin⚡️: Loops | Erselan Khan

Today we will show you how we can use different types of Loops in the Kotlin programming language.

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Developer Guidelines For Big Projects

Benefits and content of developer guidelines for big software projects.

The aim of this article is to give hints and tips while setting up your projects or companies developer guidelines.