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6 Influencer Outreach Email Templates To Build Powerful Partnerships

How many times do we buy things only because the people we like, recommend them? 

You might drive a Toyota because your parents drove one for twenty years. Switch your mobile carrier because your colleague has flawless coverage. Or pick your career because that’s what a guest speaker at your middle school graduation said they did.

So when you set out to find an influencer to be the face of your company, you’ve likely put in weeks upon weeks of research making sure they’re the perfect fit. 

Their content needs to hit the right notes… their followers are your dream target audience… and their profile looks like MKBHD sprinkled stardust all over it. 

Now that you’ve found them, surely the most difficult task is behind you? All you have to do is reach out to them, and they’ll jump at the chance to work with your brand, just as thrilled as you are. 

Except, if you do that, you’ll never hear back. And there are two likely scenarios.

You send them dozens of messages imploring them to consider your proposal. 

Give up on the process and go with the first account that shows up when you search for #paidpublicity. 

Both don’t exactly make your influencer marketing campaign look any good. But we’ll fix that!

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How to Send Emails with Email API: Practical Examples in Popular Languages and Frameworks

In this article, I’ll show you how to send emails using an email API in various programming languages and frameworks. 

I’ll also break down the differences between SMTP and email APIs, but if you’re already aware of them and your needs, feel free to skip ahead by clicking on some of the following links:





Note that as my API of choice, I’ll be using Email API, a part of the Mailtrap Email Delivery Platform. However, the core principles in this article can be applied to any email API provider.

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Node.js Contact Form: How to Create One, Validate Data, and Send Emails

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a Node.js contact form, give it a personal touch, retrieve and validate data from it, and then send emails through the form via SMTP or API.

Note: you’ll need Node.js 6+ or any version released since May 2018 installed on your machine for the provided code snippets to work.