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werf v2: how this CI/CD tool evolved and why it came up with Nelm instead of Helm

werf is a CLI tool for CI/CD created in 2016 and a CNCF Sandbox project since 2022. It implements opinionated CI/CD in Kubernetes with your favourite CI system. Starting from werf v2, it uses Nelm instead of Helm to deploy container images.

werf v2 release and evolution with Helm
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AI-based tools for Kubernetes troubleshooting and more

This overview lists and describes Open Source tools for Kubernetes administrators interested in leveraging AI for their everyday needs. They include K8sGPT (a CNCF project), Kubernetes ChatGPT bot by Robusta, kube-copilot, and a few kubectl plugins (such as kubectl-ai and kubectl-gpt).Learn about th..