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IT — Build an app that will get you hired


Forget learning how to make calculator or use many other languages like JS, TS, Python… Build a real simple app for single purpose in maximum of 3 months will get you hired, from experience.

This article assumes you know how to code and are familiar with REST and API calls.

September 2021 — Start of my journey

It was when my exams were over and I needed internship to get hired but I couldn’t seem to get one, also I doubted my skills so I started learning. I started from HTML, CSS and JS because it seemed easy and I already knew some of it.

To cut the story my learning journey went like this.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JS
  4. ARIA
  5. Web Accessibility
  6. CSS Cross browser compatibility issues
  7. JS compilation to older ECMAScript
  8. ReactJS
  9. Webpack
  10. Babel
  11. SEO

But I was missing something crucial… Because with all this knowledge I wasn’t getting any internship invitations. Not even for initial talk, something was wrong and I thought I’m lacking knowledge.

June 2021 — My first internship invitation

Build an app.

Build an app that consumes some rest API.

I thought it was unusual that I got accepted to this internship, even though I already built this kind of stuff and even more complex ones. Yet, nothing, for months.

The issue? I didn’t have complete app that was actually like this, everything I’ve ever built was small samples that used these pieces of puzzle. I have a folder that’s full of projects that are just there. Even I forgot about them.

September 2021 — My second internship invitation

This internship offered me a spot before selection of candidates was over, due to my raw skills. Woah… didn’t see that comming.

Even during my previous internship they said i matched other candidates, just below them. Made me think I was nothing special, yet these guys gave me an offer before selection was over… something was not right and I guess it was my overview of myself. But also of one very bad habit that I have, I didn’t finish anything fully.

December 2021 — Job offer

I was offered job when internship was done because they were satisfied with my raw skill performance and how quick I learned everything they had for us.

What to build?

Build an app that works with data and consumes some api calls, from server. CRUD operations, a simple server, spend some time, build the whole thing and put it in the CV.

How to apply? — Tell your story

Write your story in 3–4 sentences of how you built this app, what was your motivation and what is your ambition. You could also write down small bullet points what it is that you do every day, especially if you have interest to read and self learn.

Good luck in job hunt :-)

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