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Our mission is to make artificial intelligence accessible & enjoyable, so we can all build bridges to the future, together.



Free Beer 🍺

Richard Stallman, the creator of the GNU/Linux movement & early proponent of Open Source Software made the distinction that Open Source meant "free" as in free speech, not free beer.

We believe there is room for both.

Especially now with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Our vision is a digital world where artificial intelligence, software & access to information is free use and free of cost - a democratization of individual success.

We are on a mission to snuff out the companies & bad actors looking to monetize AI at the expense of the consumer and the industry they operate in.

We believe that by making all the tools free, there will be no room for capitalism to exploit the arts or capitalize on easy arbitraging of AI - when it is meant to be for everyone.

We need developers like you to help us build these tools!

We are committed to continuing to bring new models, weights, a cutting edge AI to you - but we don't have the bandwidth to turn them all into consumer facing apps - unless we work together 💪

It's time us developers & internet marketers worked together to restore some order back to the internet.

Be a part of something great, and watch your creations bring good to the world.

We need your help, if you're willing to lend it.

Join the SERP AI community & watch your creations bring good to the world.

& of course.... free beer, for all! 🍻

PHILOSOPHY: AI for 1 & 1 for AI

All for one & one for all!

Artificial Intelligence is built on the collective knowledge and wisdom of humanity, together.

Literally, it's built by us and trained on our content & information.

But we are already seeing it with the plethora of companies that are already arbitraging large language models and making millions of dollars charging consumers easier access to using them.

This time - we need a FREE AI.

After all, it's YOUR data and YOUR contributions that made this possible.

And that's what we stand for - making AI Free. For everyone.

It's our vision to supply free use of AI - from computational power, to software, to education - to the end consumer.

SERP AI: Artificial Intelligence for the greatest good, for the greatest number.


At SERP AI, we are leveraging our experience & expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, SEO & digital marketing to build large-scale digital publications, tools & technologies across industries we are passionate about.

And we plan to use that revenue to support the continued growth & evolution of those industries, as well as this one: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data & Computer Science.

Practically, SERP AI is an community-driven, organized collection of all things AI.

Tools, datasets, news, models, projects, research, books, courses, community - you name it.

If it's part of the AI movement - we're interested.

Our goal is to advance AI, help others participate & learn, and create software together that we can all benefit from and enjoy.

We create training, software & AI models that end users can access, learn from, utilize, and contribute to at no cost.

We exist to advance AI forward in a direction that will benefit all of humanity - not just some of it.

You can use SERP AI to:

  • 👨‍💻 Learn and stay up-to-date.

  • 🙌 Interact based on the latest trends in our ecosystem.

  • 🚀 Collaborate with other developers you know and appreciate.

  • 💸 Contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, and get financially rewarded for doing so.


  1. Register to create a profile

  2. Show your support for "AI for All" with your personalized AI badge

  3. Come hang out & learn, in the official Community.

  4. Code with us - join the ðŸ§™ Open Sorcerers and let's build cool things together that help the world around us.

It only knows what it has been trained on.

What it was instructed to learn.

What we give it.

If we train it with self-interest, malice, greed or even indifference - that will be the seed with which it evolves from. An almost inevitable beginning of the end of humanity.

But, if we teach it to know unbounded virtue & benevolence – we may finally see a glimpse of the true potential of the Godliness in humanity, as we watch AI accelerate solutions to the problems we face as a species.

To give us answers to the issues we have not been able to collectively solve ourself.

And to ultimately find a way to co-exist sustainably, unite our divided planet, and ultimately bring peace to our world - once and for all.

Artificial intelligence is clearly the biggest opportunity that this world has seen in a very long time...

And we can already see the largest companies on the planet trying to claim it, regulate it in their favor, capitalize off it, and protect their interests over all others with their "moats" and bullshit.

Here's what I think:

A couple decades ago a company came along, called Google and started organizing everybody's information by crawling their websites and indexing them in their digital Rolodex of stuff - listing their websites on its search engine's, and then telling those companies that if they wanted to show up favorably, they need to pay to show up.

That sounds like extortion to me - taking other peoples data, and then charging them for it to show up?

We are seeing the same thing right now in artificial intelligence...

From companies like Stack overflow, whining about how they need to charge open AI to use an access their platform because of all of "their data" they use to train their large language models...

Well the way I see it... That's YOUR data. Your knowledge. Your wisdom.

It's your time & effort that's gone into building that platform that's making them millions of dollars a year.

And, of course, companies like open AI that started as nonprofit open source entities, and to do wonderful things for the industry until the money blinded them...

And are now ingesting petabytes of peoples data, charging them for it, and trying to enact legislation to keep their competitive edge...

And making BILLIONS of dollars off the AI trained on the collective content, knowledge, wisdom, and effort that we all together, as one World, have contributed to the internet

Here's what we believe @ SERP:

  • We think your data is yours

  • We think that needs to stop

  • And we intend to change it

I'm not going to say now exactly how that's gonna happen right this second - but know that this is not a pipe-dream.

It is a well thought out plan and already being put into motion...

But we need your help.

So my question to you is this:

If you believe in the democratization of this technology - as it's built on all of the data that you and your fellow humans have contributed...

If you share our values and vision of an Internet where users are not paying companies to simply arbitrage Open AI to deliver you the convenience of tools...

Or charge you to use their LLMs while they collect more of your data and input to improve their models...

if you believe in free AI for all - regardless of race, religion, geography, or financial means...

If you want your data to be not only to be yours, but to pay you...

Whether you're a developer, and would like to join our team to build things for you, your friends, your family and your fellow humans that we vow to always remain FREE...

An marketing, sales, project manager, etc. who would like to contribute in other ways...

Or just an AI enthusiast who wants to be a part of shaping how this World will ultimately become in the very near future...

We would love your help.

And my promise to you, as the Founder of SERP AI, is that if you can help us bring this dream to a reality, I will keep everything we build together free for all individual users - forever.*

*for-profit enterprises may have to pay for some things so we can continue to exist & operate... but:

  • Never the contributor.

  • Never the student.

  • Never the non-profit.

  • Never the people who don't have the means.

  • And never the individual.

SERP AI is "The greatest good, for the greatest number'.


Join the movement of people working together to keep AI free for all, forever.


Let's change AI, the internet & the World - together.

Hope to see you soon. Stay funky, my friends. 🦩

- @devinschumacher | Founder @ SERP AI | SERP

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