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Top SRE Toolchain Used By Site Reliability Engineers in 2024

This blog post explores essential tools for incident management, a critical function for maintaining reliable IT systems. It highlights that the most suitable tools depend on an organization's specific infrastructure and SRE maturity level.

The blog outlines various SRE tool categories including:

Containerization tools (Docker, Kubernetes)

Source control tools (Git)

CI/CD tools (Jenkins, CircleCI)

Data storage tools (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef)

Monitoring and observability tools (Prometheus, Grafana)

Dashboarding tools (Grafana, Kibana)

Incident management tools (PagerDuty, Opsgenie)

By leveraging these tools, SRE teams can effectively monitor systems, identify issues, and implement swift recovery processes to guarantee smooth operation of enterprise IT infrastructure.

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Just-in-Time Nomad: Managing Nomad Application Deployments Using Waypoint on HashiQube

Let’s face it — Kubernetes gets ALL the love. Although Nomad is a GREAT product, it has a much, much smaller user base. As a result, there are fewer tools geared toward supporting it.

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Don't Migrate from Jenkins

Contemplating moving from a Jenkins pipeline or the Jenkins Blue Ocean pipeline to something completely different? Is your colleague encouraging you to ditch Jenkins? 80% of most development teams have multiple Jenkins and are struggling to find a path forward to an improved model/tool/architecture. Why is that? This blog explains the reason why and how to move forward WITH your Jenkins and how to get to an end-to-end DevOps Pipeline.

Complex DevOps Pipeline
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