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Top 5 Open-Source Observability Data Collectors in 2023

Fluentbit is an open-source log management tool that enables users to gather data from multiple sources, apply filters, and transmit it to compatible destinations.

Vector by Datadog is a data pipeline for observability that offers cost savings, advanced data enrichment, and enhanced data security.

Fluentd is a lightweight log management tool that supports a wide range of data sources and formats with high customizability.

Logstash is a robust logging tool used for managing logs with powerful transformation capabilities.

Syslog-ng offers tamper-proof storage and rapid search capabilities.

LOGIQ.AI provides reliable integration with open-source observability collectors and processors, enabling users to monitor the performance and health of their systems in order to support improved system performance, security, and overall business outcomes.

Top 5 Open-Source Observability Data Collectors in 2023