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How to Render Jenkins Build Parameters Dynamically?


Jenkins supports this use-case by means of parameters that you can declare and use as Groovy variables in your Jenkins job.

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How to use Git & GitHub for Version Control

GitHub PagesgitGitHub Actions

In the last post we created a simple authenticated website using Auth0 and RedwoodJS. Before we add more features to this project, it’s important to talk about version control.

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Cloud Governance as an Enabler to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption


It has been more than 10 years since Cloud Computing was first introduced to the world.

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Data Structures And Algorithms: Arrays In Python


An array is a collection of similar, sequential data types stored in a central location.

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Top 5 Costly Data Breaches of 2021 and Its Impact

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How Netflix Works

Amazon ELBAmazon S3CassandraMySQLKafka

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite content streaming service?

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Blue-Green Deployment Explained

This article discusses what the blue-green deployment strategy is, its pros and cons, and its best use cases. We’ll also expound on how it handles traffic and the database during migration.

The Blue-Green Deployment Strategy
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Mobile and IoT Security Strategies in the Cloud

DockerAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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An Introduction to Amazon Aurora Serverless for Beginners

Amazon Web Services

When and how to use Amazon Aurora Serverless databases?

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How to Use Custom Domain Names inside AWS VPCs

Amazon EC2Amazon Web ServicesPython

Use your company-specific domain names instead of default AWS assigned domain names for EC2 instances inside VPCs.