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What You Should Know About Serverless Databases

Serverless databases are used by organizations that are either fully transitioned or are still transitioning into the serverless infrastructure. They manage users' data and make scaling easier. This article has discussed how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, and things you should consider when choosing a serverless database for your application.

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Gatling VS K6


Gatling and K6 are performance load testing tools, and they are both open source, easy to run, and powerful testing tools. While K6 is the more commonly used one, Gatling has gained popularity also. We have compared the features, stats, pros, and cons of both tools in this article.

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What Developers Think About GitHub Copilot

GitHub Pages

GitHub Copilot is a controversial developer assistant introduced to the public in June 2021. It has attracted a lot of controversies since then and this article shows some of what developers think about the supposed developer "pair programmer".