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Investing in Cloud Computing: Top 7 Stocks to Buy

Amazon Web ServicesAzureSplunk

With tech stocks on the rise, cloud computing stocks have shown significant growth. A Cloud computing stock in the right company is an asset today and in the future.

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Takeaways from The State of Containers and Kubernetes Security


Securing containers and Kubernetes environments is a matter of grave concern for organizations that invested in cloud-native applications. These concerns have shaken the confidence of developer communities and organizations advocating the use of Kubernetes in production. Many organizations are already delaying production deployments of their applications to give app sec teams more time to test the waters.

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7 Must-Watch DevSecOps Videos


Security is a crucial part of application development and DevSecOps makes it easy and continuous.

The videos in this article will give a thorough breakdown of what DevSecOps is, why you need it, and how you can integrate it into your development lifecycle.