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Diving Deep Into Serverless Architectures - Part I

In November 2017, The Register published an article, 'Lambda and serverless is one of the worst forms of proprietary lock-in we've ever seen in the history of humanity.'

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Ubiquity, Security and Open Source

It is the year 2017 Kelsey Hightower is on the KubeCon stage. The sound of the microphone starts echoing... Raise your hands if you think installing kubernetes is easy. This is how a well known Kubernetes advocate started his presentation.

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The Origins of Kubernetes

It is 2016, Karl Isenberg is on the center stage, "Container Orchestration Wars," he said.

The stage was set for the orchestration race.

Armed to the teeth, the warriors at this time were DCOS Mesos, Kubernetes, Nomad, and Docker Swarm, among others.

Origin of Kubernetes.jpeg