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We're launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.

We’re launching a new FAUN weekly newsletter dedicated to the Python ecosystem.

I’m happy to announce the imminent launch of PyDo, our 4th weekly newsletter, after DevOpsLinks, Shipped, and Kaptain. We’ll start the 1st issue of PyDo on May 6th. Don’t miss it!

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Each week, you’ll receive an email in which we curate the best Python blog posts, news, analysis, tools, and libraries. Python is a programming language used by many types of developers, from web developers, machine learning specialists, networking and security engineers, to DevOps specialists. In PyDo, we will focus on most of these fields with a focus on DevOps, DevSecOps, and Cloud Computing. 

I’ve been using Python myself in several projects during the last years and I’m still using it: The new website and blogging platform of FAUN is developed in Python. FAUN Topics (our weekly newsletters) are hand-curated but we developed our Data Science and NLP algorithms that help us, all of this is done using Python!

I’ve used Python in web development (Django/Wagtail), networking (Twisted), cloud computing (Boto, Libcloud), natural language processing (NLTK), APIs (DRF, Flask), and other fields. What an amazing programming language!

As a developer, your time is limited, but at the same time, you should stay up to date with the latest trends. We will help you in your critical mission by sharing the must-read stories, news, and tutorials. Our mission is to eliminate noise and curate signals so that you get the best out of your journey.

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Aymen El Amri

Founder, FAUN

Founder of FAUN, author, maker, trainer, and polymath software engineer (DevOps, CloudNative, CloudComputing, Python, NLP)
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