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How to use Android JavaMail API to Send Emails

The quick, and let’s say, easy way to send emails from your Android application is to use Intent. However, it can take you only so far due to the method’s limitations. 

This article explores Android JavaMail API as a more flexible and scalable method to send emails.

First, I’ll detail the reasons to opt for JavaMail API instead of Intent, then I’ll jump into the implementation tutorials with code examples. 

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Salesforce Email Integration: A Comprehensive Guide

Just about every business aims to have seamless communication with its customers. Connecting email applications with Salesforce – a prominent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, might just be the “magical path” to that goal.

Salesforce email integration facilitates the automation of data entry tasks, enhancing customer data management and streamlining workflows. In this guide, we’ll go over the process of integrating Gmail and Microsoft Outlook with Salesforce. 

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How to Test Emails in Salesforce with Mailtrap Email Testing

While Salesforce’s testing capabilities are sufficient for running small deliverability tests or previewing your emails, they may not be enough for inspecting and debugging emails in detail. Plus, some methods may bear the risk of spamming contacts with test emails. That’s where Mailtrap Email Testi..