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From Zero to Hero: Creating a Food Delivery App with Python

Learn to build a Python-based food delivery app from scratch: from conceptualization & choosing the right framework, to deployment & marketing.


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Helm Dry Run: Guide & Best Practices | Squadcast

Learn how to use Helm dry run to troubleshoot templates and preview what a Helm chart will do.

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10 Best Scala + Groovy Frameworks for Java Developers

Hello devs, if you are doing Java development then there is a fair chance that you may be familiar with Scala and Groovy - two powerful and dynamic programming languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). These languages offer unique features and capabilities that can enhance your developm..

best scala frameworks and best Groovy libraries
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Wearable Technology in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Patient Care & Business Success

Discover the potential of wearable technology in healthcare. Know the key benefits and real-world examples to stay ahead in the evolving healthcare industry.

Wearable technology in healthcare
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Pave Golden Paths with Platform Engineering

Golden Paths are an effective way to standardize software development, and Platform Engineering can provide an additional boost. Discover more about them!