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How to Scrape Organic Video Results from Brave Search with Python


A guide to scraping the title, link, displayed link, video thumbnail, and video duration from Brave Search Organic Video results.

What is Brave Search

For the sake of non-duplicating content, I already wrote about what is Brave search in my first Brave blog post.


This blog post is a continuation of the Brave Search web scraping series. Here you’ll see how to scrape Organic Video Results from Brave Search using Python with beautifulsoup, requests, lxml libraries.

Note: HTML layout might be changed in the future thus some of CSS selectors might not work. Let me know if something isn't working.


Make sure you have a basic knowledge of the libraries mentioned above, since this blog post is not exactly a tutorial for beginners, so be sure you have a basic familiarity with them. I’ll try my best to show in code that it’s not that difficult.

Also, make sure you have a basic understanding of CSS selectors because of select()/ select_one() beautifulsoup methods that accepts CSS selectors. CSS selectors reference.


What will be scraped

Not only 3 video results will be scraped, but 6 instead (if you click on the right arrow button), which is all in this case.


Continuing to wander through Dune, let’s scrape Organic Video results about Dune.

Code is identical to scraping Brave Search News results, except we need to add video duration data and remove website source data from the output

As in the previous post, we need to find a container with needed data:

This translates to this (only id value is changed from #news-carousel to #video-carousel):

After picking a container, we need to grab other elements, such as title, link, displayed link, video thumbnail and video duration with appropriate CSS selectors.



Code in the online IDESelectorGadget


If you have any questions or suggestions, or something isn’t working correctly, feel free to drop a comment in the comment section.

If you want to access that feature via SerpApi, upvote on the Support Brave Search feature request, which is currently under review.

Dimitry, and the rest of the SerpApi Team.

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