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Why Python is Popular Despite Being (Super) Slow | dridhOn

Why Python is Popular Despite Being (Super) SlowPython is one of the most widely used programming languages, and it has been around for more than 28 years now. One common question arises in mind of most people, especially beginners and newbies, that why Python is popular in mainstream despite being ..

Why Python is Popular Despite Being (Super) Slow | dridhOn
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Sending HTML email in Python

Images, attachments, personalization, multiple recipients, HTML emails and sending via Gmail in one guide.

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Python comprehensions In a nutshell

IntroductionIf you’re a Python programmer, then you know how powerful and flexible the list comprehension syntax is. It allows us to create lists, dictionaries and sets in one line of code. Here’s an example:>>> [x**2 for x in list]This raises every element of the list to the power of 2List..

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My Favorite Python Courses for Data Science and Machine Learning

Hello folks, if you want to learn Data Science and Machine Learning with Python and looking for the best resources like books and online courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I shared the best Python book for Data Science, and today, I am going to share with you the best Python cou..

Python for Machine Learning & Data Science Masterclass by Jose Portilla Udemy best course.jpg