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MBA Student, IIT Kharagpur - VGSOM

Regression Regularization Techniques — Ridge and Lasso

We talk and hear a lot about Regression everywhere we go. So let us skip that. In this article, we shall assume that we are masters of Regression and we have already completed building a Linear Regression Model on a given dataset.

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SQL for Beginners 2022 — A Practical SQL Guide

SQL is one of the most-sought after tech skills in 2022 for data analysis and data engineering.

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Normal Distribution Or Gaussian Distribution In Just 5 Minutes

What is Normal Distribution In Statistics and What is the Empirical Formula?

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Tackling Array and String Interview Questions: Methods and Code

I Will walk you through the array and strings interview questions that may be asked and how to approach these problems, I will do 3 and leave the rest as a challenge.

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Should We Be Paid For Our Data?

We interact with our devices more than we do with our partners, they are our companions. We are manipulated and exploited by algorithms that run these devices, the algorithms are top employees to Big Tech companies! The companies are more interested in our data, this data is either sold off in aggregate to other companies or used to design predictive models and problem-solving models.

As the saying goes; “Data is the new oil” or is it?

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10 Essential Python Libraries for Data Professionals

Indispensable additions to your Python toolkit

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Recursion Simplified

At first look, the above picture looks like a tree data structure, which it is but we not discussing Trees today but the magic tool known as recursion.

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It’s the Principal of the Thing

My Introduction to Principal Component Analysis

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Data Structures And Algorithms: Big O Notation


Given the below array we want to write a function that takes in sample_array and return the sum of all the numbers in the array.