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Crossplane — Let your Kubernetes to build your cloud infrastructure

Recent days infrastructure automation is one of the most focused across most of the organization, why? One of the main reasons is cloud adaptation. So, with that they can manage the complete infrastructure on AWS, Azure, GCE and other cloud providers.

As there are more tools to manage the infrastructure, it will be hard to manage and learn more tools for your SRE or DevOps team. What if you can manage your infrastructure via Kubernetes? Yes, you read correct. In this case, you are going to love Crossplane for sure. Let’s see what is crossplane and how to use it, also will try to compare with Terraform.

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Troubleshooting Kubernetes Networking — Part1

Troubleshooting Kubernetes Networking: As we are seeing one by one issues on Kubernetes and how to fix it, part of that today we are going to see, another important topic, which is nothing but networking. As this is vest topic to cover, we will be separate one by one and provide the solutions. In this topic, we will be taking some example scenarios and how to fix it.

In this series we should get understand the basics and few related topics, then will see very basic issue and how to fix in this, in coming post will be seeing another extended issue and how to fix it.

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Argo CD Git Webhook Configuration

We have seen about ArgoCD sync configuration and part of that we have understand Argo CD polls the Git repositories every 3minutes to detect the changes done on the repo. In case if you wish to change the delay to quicker, you can configure the webhook events to send the poll to API server. Argo CD supports Git webhook notifications from all major providers in the market like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server and Gogs. The following explains how to configure a Git webhook for GitHub and Gitlab, same process can be applicable to other providers.

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