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Email Analytics Tools

Why is email analytics important? Because email is one of the main channels of converting users into customers. Even if you are not a marketer but a developer, for example, who is configuring email notifications, you should still analyze the performance of your messages.

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DKIM Explained

DKIM signature, along with other methods, such as SPF or DMARC, is one of the most common methods of authenticating yourself as the sender of an email message. Below, we explain why you should use it and how it actually works. Let’s get started!

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An ultimate guide to email infrastructure

While sending emails is a straightforward process for individuals, organizations don’t have that luxury. They must put a lot of thought into this process to avoid security threats and ensure all of their emails get to recipients’ inboxes. That’s where email infrastructure comes into play. 

Though it operates behind the scenes, it combines all the components that are responsible for sending and delivering emails. Today, we’ll break down what email infrastructure is, how it works, and what can be done to boost its performance.