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Announcing our improved Schedules & On-Call Rotations

This blog will give you a full rundown of Squadcast's newly revamped Scheduling and On-Call Rotation capability. With a brand-new UI and a host of nifty features, you can set up effective on-call rotations in a matter of minutes.


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What are Webhooks and why should developers use them?

Webhooks and APIs are a developer-friendly approach to building modern-day web applications. In this blog, we explain what a webhook is, do a detailed webhooks vs. API comparison, and explain why we recommend developers use them with Squadcast.


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Introducing our open source SLO Tracker - A simple tool to track SLOs and Error Budget

Check out our open-source SLO tracker and set up your SLO's so that you can accurately track your error budgets. Automate your SRE, with Squadcast's SLO tool!

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