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Story Palark Team
@shurup shared a post, 1 month, 2 weeks ago

AI-based tools for Kubernetes troubleshooting and more

This overview lists and describes Open Source tools for Kubernetes administrators interested in leveraging AI for their everyday needs. They include K8sGPT (a CNCF project), Kubernetes ChatGPT bot by Robusta, kube-copilot, and a few kubectl plugins (such as kubectl-ai and kubectl-gpt).Learn about th..

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Global Head of Product Marketing,

Troubleshooting User-Specific Issues: A Practical Guide.

How to debug and solve user-specific issues using Lightrun in your IDE in real-time and without redeploying.

Troubleshooting with Lightrun
@ismail shared a post, 2 years, 2 months ago
BDM, Thundra

How to debug AWS Lambda functions in production

Serverless is pretty cool but native debugging has always been a burden for developers. In this article, I looked into a tool which makes it possible to debug AWS Lambda functions written in Node.js and Python runtimes live in production. To give just a bit more context, this VSCode plugin allows you to put a breakpoint in your Lambda code and get the stack trace without adding an overhead or breaking the full flow of the application.

Serverless debugger